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5 Takeaways From Billie Eilish’s New Album Hit Me Hard and Soft
In the three years since Billie Eilish’s sophomore album, 2021’s self-reflective, jazzy Happier Than Ever, the pop phenom hasn’t lost an ounce of cultural relevance. Thanks to her Grammy- and Oscar-winning song for last year’s Barbie soundtrack, the crushing ballad “What Was I Made
Drake Leads Nominations for 2024 BET Awards
Drake has had a tumultuous month, engaging in an increasingly personal diss battle with Kendrick Lamar that has seemingly ended in his defeat, but Thursday (May 16) brought some good news: He leads the nominations for the 2024 BET Awards. Drake

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What Flavor Is McDonald’s New “Grandma McFlurry”?
Teenagers are dressing like grandparents now, with their tube socks and high-waisted pants.  So maybe this’ll be a hit.  McDonald’s announced a new menu item landing next Tuesday called the “Grandma McFlurry”.  (???) It’s vanilla soft serve with
One in Nine People Chew with Their Mouth Open
To the one in nine people who do this, I say yes, we know.  We all know. 11% of Americans admit they chew with their mouth open.  And that’s at restaurants, not at home behind closed doors.