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Music News

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Kanye West’s “TLOP”: The Best Possible Acronyms
Kanye West has an album title, after weeks of indecisiveness.  He Tweeted, “New album title ‘T.L.O.P.’.”  He then offered free Yeezys to anyone who could figure out what it stands for.  So, everyone is trying.  Here’s a sample of
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Is Demi Lovato Hugging Her Dog, While Wearing a Fur Coat?
Being an animal lover is tough, because so many of God’s creatures taste awesome and wear well with a nice pair of boots.  So it’s hard not to be a hypocrite.  Demi Lovato just found that out.  

Hollywood Trash

The Beyhive Plans Counter-Protest to #BoycottBeyonce
A planned protest outside of the National Football League in New York City at 8 a.m. on February 16, in support of #BoycottBeyonce is not being received well by the singers’ supporters. The invitation to come out
Orlando Bloom + Katy Perry Start New Romance
Another new romance in Hollywood is heating up. “Indeed, on Thursday, Perry, 31, accompanied Bloom, 39, to his manager’s birthday celebration, where they hung with his pals Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.” Two days later, Perry joined
Ciara Sues Future for Slander + Defamation Seeking $15 Million
Ciara is suing rapper, Future, her ex and the father of her child. The singer is suing him for $15 million dollars citing defamation and slander. The rapper has criticized her parenting skills on several media platforms.
Stassi Who? The Vanderpump Rules Star Looks Unrecognizable
“We know it’s not Thursday yet, but this throwback is just too good to hold. Thanks to the wonderful worldwide web, we’ve come across an old photograph of Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder looking nearly unrecognizable!” E!
Aubrey O’Day Confirms She’s Dating Pauly D
So the romance rumors are true! Aubrey O’Day confirms that she is dating Pauly D. The reality stars met while filming Famously Single, which premiers in the spring. The former Danity Kane songstress says her and Pauly
Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck Voice Actor Joe Alaskey Passes Away
Voice actor, Joe Alaskey, who performed characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck has passed away. “Alaskey, 63, had been battling cancer. Alaskey was one of the actors who handled Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck after

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Trending Now

Maybe the Worst Contestant in the History of “Family Feud”
“Family Feud” posted a great clip on YouTube this week.  It’s a recent contestant named Sheila Patterson who might be the worst contestant of all time.  She had to come up with another way people say “mother.”  And
Ten Types of Gum and How Fast They Lose Their Flavor
The website Thrillist recently looked at different brands of chewing gum to see which one lost its flavor the fastest, and which one lasted the longest.  And Eclipse lasted longer than any other brand.  Here are the
30% of Us Haven’t Made Valentine’s Day Plans Yet
If you haven’t made ANY plans for Valentine’s Day yet, well, you’re actually pretty normal.  Valentine’s Day procrastination is WAY more common than you think.  According to a new survey, 30% of people in relationships haven’t made