Fans Are Rallying Behind Bebe Rexha After She Kicked Out A Concertgoer For Attempting To Throw Something At Her

(Photo credit: Reuters)

Bebe Rexha is ready to put an end to the object throwing trend at concerts once and for all. Back in June 2023, “Call On Me” singer was struck in the face with a cell phone with resulted in some gruesome injuries.

On Saturday (July 6), Bebe nearly found herself in the same predicament during her Palmesus Festival performance in Kristiansand, Norway. As Bebe entertained the crowd, a concertgoer attempted to throw an object at her. In the viral video of the incident, Bebe slammed the attendee and threatened to take legal action.

“If you hit me with something on stage right now, I’ll take you for everything you’ve f*cking got,” she said. “Do not f*cking play with me right now. Out! Get the f*ck out.”

Now that the clip has gained traction online, supporters have begun to rally behind Bebe.

“As she should. This behavior of throwing things at artists on stage needs to stop. It’s very irritating,” wrote one user.

“Good, they need to start shaming and booting these people because it’s becoming a trend,” penned another.

“Finally a celebrity that is taking action in this matter,” added another.

The June 2023 assailant, Nicolas Malvagna, was arrested. But reports state after completion of community service, his case could be dismissed, and the criminal charges would be sealed. Based on Bebe Rexha’s onstage remarks, she doesn’t want another repeat of that.