What if the Secret to Living Longer Was Eating More Cheese?

Most of the “secrets” to living a long life are not fun:  Eating healthy, exercising, and somehow avoiding stress and lack of sleep.  So this is different:  What if the secret was eating more cheese?

There’s a new study out of China that says that the single most important contributor to healthy aging and longevity is “mental well-being,” and there’s also a “strong connection to cheese consumption.”

Before you get too excited, there definitely isn’t a direct connection between chowing down on Cheez-Its and eternal life.

Here’s their logic:  To live longer you need a happy mental well-being, and those who reported the most robust levels of mental health and stress resilience seemed to eat more cheese and fruit.

Is that a stretch?  Sure.  Will I use it as an excuse to order extra mozzarella?  Yes, definitely.


(New York Post / New Atlas)