Stupid Criminal: A Guy’s Phone Rang While He Was Hiding in a Ceiling

This is why I always keep my phone on vibrate, just in case.  Cops in Lakeland, Florida got a call about a disturbance on Saturday, and the suspect was gone by the time they got there.

But they I.D.’d him as 38-year-old Joshua Garrett.  And it turned out Josh was already wanted for violating his probation in connection to a burglary case.

So they decided to track him down at his workplace nearby, and confirmed he’d walked inside but no one saw him leave.

So they started searching the building.  And they eventually found him hiding in the ceiling after his phone started ringing.

They looked up and saw a few ceiling tiles displaced.  Then they saw his hand sticking out through some insulation.

They booked him on the warrant, and tacked on two more charges for criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

(Here’s his mugshot.)


(PCSO / Fox 13)