People Are Talking About How They “Won the Genetic Lottery”

There are probably countless ways someone could “win the genetic lottery”, and yet, the odds seem about as good as the real lottery.

Someone recently asked, “People who have ‘won the genetic lottery,’ what qualities do you have?”  And it didn’t take long for the lucky winners to come forward and share their traits.

1.  Someone said they’re not allergic to mosquitos, so while they can get bit, they’re basically unaffected, and don’t get itchy.

2.  Someone said no one in their family has gone bald.

3.  Someone said their teeth are nearly perfect, naturally.

4.  Someone said they have better than 20/20 vision.

5.  Someone said they have a magic “sleep button,” so they lie down and fall asleep immediately, they never have to count sheep, and also don’t struggle waking up.

6.  Someone said they can read really fast, so they can process lines at a glance, rather than going word-by-word.

7.  A man said their beard is “magnificent.”

8.  A woman said she doesn’t get “period pain” and forgets it’s happening.

9.  A woman said she doesn’t grow any leg hair.

10.  Someone said they actually can lick their elbow.

11.  Someone said they don’t sunburn.  They added that they still take sun protection seriously, because not burning doesn’t mean you can’t get skin cancer.

12.  Someone joked, “Big luscious breasts . . . unfortunately, I’m a man.”

And someone said their “winning” trait is not having a losing one.  “I didn’t win, but I also avoided all the ways you can instantly lose, so I don’t think I would risk a re-roll if one were offered.”


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