Cardi B Doesn’t Think The New Generation Of ‘TikTok Hip-Shakers’ Is Super Ready To Fight A War

(Photo credit: Reuters)

Last week, the US House Of Representatives passed a measure that automatically registers men between the ages of 18 and 26 for selective service (as Fox 11 Los Angeles reports). The last draft call was in the 1970s, so we probably won’t see a military draft any time soon. Still, if one were to happen, Cardi B isn’t feeling too confident in the state of our country’s young men.

In a video reacting to the news, Cardi said:

“So I just read an article saying that the House just passed a bill that they’re going to automatically register men from 18 to 26 for war, OK? And all I wanna say is, to America: good luck with that [laughs]. These new little n****s are TikTokers, baby. These motherf*ckers ain’t going to fight no war. You gon’ die! You might as well just keep motherf*cking investing money in y’all guns, ’cause these new kids? You want to send these new kids to fight these wars? The TikTok f*cking hip-shakers? Out of your mind [laughs].

This is a new America, baby, this ain’t the 19-motherf*cking… No, like, seriously, you gonna draft these kids that be TikToking all day to fight them, what, most likely what, them Russians? Them motherf*ckers that be fighting bears and sh*t, and motherf*cking clammy monsters to go to school and whatever? I got some news for you motherf*ckers.”

Check out the clip below.