Americans Over 45 Feel 12 Years Older Than Their Actual Age?

Aging is different for everyone, but for a lot of people it happens like this.

You can get away with anything in your 20s, in your 30s, your body starts barking, in your early 40s, you start realizing some things will never quite work like they used to, and then at 45, you suddenly feel 57.

A new study has found that the average American over 45 feels 12 years older than their actual age, and the biggest reason for that is joint pain.

The other common complaints include:  General body aches, getting tired easily, and feeling less active.  Knee pain is also a big one.

And that notion, feeling older than you are, never really goes away.  The average Gen X’er feels 10 years older, Boomers feel 14 years older, and the “Silent Generation” feels 12 years older.

So is this a bad time to remind you that you’re only as old as you FEEL?