California Is Poised to Fully Ban Plastic Grocery Bags

“Paper or plastic” might be something you never hear in California again.  The state government is poised to completely ban plastic bags in stores.

The single-use ones were already banned a decade ago.  But grocery stores are still allowed to use the thicker, “reusable” ones you can recycle.  Problem is, no one actually reuses them, and they’re not recycled very often either.

Two separate bills just passed the State Senate and State Assembly last week that would fully ban plastic bags in supermarkets and retail stores.

They still have to go through a reconciliation process, and Governor Gavin Newsom would need to sign them into law.  But experts think both of those things WILL probably happen.

If it goes through, all plastic bags would be banned starting January 1st, 2026.  And paper bags would need to be made of at least 50% recycled content.

A group called the American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance is against the bill.  They claim it could kill jobs, raise prices, and lead to people using more plastic bags that can’t be recycled.


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