Oops! Tim Hortons Told Thousands of People They Won a $40,000 Boat

Tim Hortons will have to sell a lot of coffee to pay for this if it happens.

A guy in Canada named Darren Stewart-Jones got an email from Tim Hortons on Wednesday telling him he’d won a $40,000 FISHING BOAT.  It was the grand prize in a contest they’ve been running called “Roll Up to Win”.

As you’d imagine, he was pretty excited about it, until an hour later when a buddy called and said he’d ALSO won a boat.

Turns out it was a mistake.  Tim Hortons apparently told EVERYONE they won the boat.  So, thousands of people, if not more.  (Here’s the alert they got.)

They sent a follow-up email telling people to “disregard” the boat thing.  But now a ton of angry Canadians are threatening them with a class-action lawsuit.

Someone started a Facebook group called the “Tim Hortons ‘You Won a Boat’ Group“.  Nearly 2,000 people had joined it as of last night, and they’re all demanding their boats.

That probably won’t happen, because the fine print says Tim Hortons has the right to “cancel, amend, or suspend” the contest if there’s any sort of error made.

But they might get something, because this has happened before, to Tim Hortons just LAST YEAR.  In March 2023, they told a bunch of people they’d won $10,000 CASH.  Each customer ended up getting a $50 gift card for the trouble.


(CBC / Global News)