A Woman Accidentally Put a Photo of Miley Cyrus on Her Resumé

Have you ever applied for a job and then noticed a typo on your resumé?

21-year-old Claire Schmitt has been searching for gigs while she finishes up at Chapman University in California.  And she recently applied to four jobs before catching a pretty glaring mistake on her resumé.

Near the bottom of the second page, she’d accidentally added a photo of Miley Cyrus.  Specifically, an old one of her as Hannah Montana standing next to a horse.  (Here’s a screenshot.)

She knows how it happened.  She was taking a break from her job search when she saw the Miley photo online and thought it was funny for some reason.  She wanted to save it to send to a friend.  But instead of dragging it to her desktop, she dragged it onto her resumé file that was open.

She almost cried when she realized, because who would hire someone THAT obsessed with Miley Cyrus?  She fixed the mistake, but there was no way to resubmit.

She says she hasn’t heard back about any of the four jobs, and doesn’t expect to.  The kicker is she’s not even a big Miley fan.


(NY Post)