10 Things That Are Overpriced, But Still Totally Worth It

When gas prices start climbing, you never hear people say, “But it’s totally cool, I’ll pay ANYTHING to transport myself across town.”  (???)

People on social media are talking about things that are overpriced, BUT are still “100% worth it.”  Here are some of the popular responses:

1.  Good, comfortable shoes and socks.

2.  A quality mattress, a quality pillow, and a quality sofa.

3.  Hiring movers.  One person said, “Worth their weight in gold.”

4.  Air conditioning.

5.  Dental care.

6.  Experiences.  Save money on day-to-day stuff, but “splurging on an experience, like a concert ticket, a weekend getaway, or a class you’ve been wanting to take, creates lasting memories and happiness.”

7.  Premium wireless noise-canceling headphones.

8.  Quality pots and pans.  One person said, “The cheap ones flake, scratch, warp, scorch, or just simply don’t transfer heat evenly.”

9.  A solid, warm, winter coat.

10.  Divorce.

(Several people also mentioned paying for the expertise of skilled workers, whether that’s a lawyer, accountant, contractor, or mechanic.)