Your Non-Dominant Hand Is Replaced by a Robotic Hand. What Gadget Do You Include?

If you’re mad “bottle opener” wasn’t a choice here, I think you might have a drinking problem.  Someone asked Reddit, and over 1,000 people voted:  If your non-dominant hand got replaced by a robotic hand, what GADGET would you include?  Here are the five options they gave . . .

1.  A flashlight in the palm.

2.  An integrated smartphone with touchscreen.

3.  Powered screwdrivers on your fingertips.

4.  Retractable claws like Wolverine.

5.  Super-strong grip.

The top answer was SUPER-STRONG GRIP with 46% of the vote.

That kinda makes sense, since that and Wolverine claws are the only real superhero-level choices.  But that said, claws did NOT come in second.  20% would rather have a smartphone hand, and the good news is we’re constantly on them, so you basically have that now.

Wolverine claws were next at 19%.  Then flashlight, 10%.  And screwdrivers, 5% of the vote.