Thanksgiving Debates: 70% Nap After the Meal, 30% Stay Active

Thanksgiving is known for three things:  Food, gratitude, and attitude, the kind that comes with passive-aggressive table debates.  To get you warmed up, a website put out a Thanksgiving-themed “would you rather” poll, with some silly debates.

1.  Would you rather spend Thanksgiving with your mom’s side of the family, or your dad’s?  More than 10,000 people responded, and two-thirds, 67%, said they would pick their mom’s side.

2.  Would you rather work on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?  66% said Black Friday.  (It’s unclear how many of those people work in retail.  Also:  Those were the only two choices.  There wasn’t a “neither” option.)

3.  Turkey or ham?  72% of people said turkey.

4.  Canned cranberry or homemade cranberry?  71% said homemade.  (We recently found out that people who love homemade cranberry sauce are more likely to get a cranberry-themed tattoo than fans of canned.)

5.  Would you rather COOK the Thanksgiving meal, or CLEAN UP afterwards?  77% would rather cook.

6.  Do you dress up for Thanksgiving or wear comfortable clothes?  56% said comfy clothes.

7.  Stuffing or mashed potatoes?  59% said mashed potatoes.  (This seems like an UPSET, or am I underestimating potatoes?)

8.  Would you rather host a Thanksgiving dinner or ATTEND one?  72% said they’d prefer NOT to host.

9.  Apple or Pumpkin pie?  56% said apple.

10.  Napping after Thanksgiving dinner or “staying active”?  70% of people said they’re probably going to need a nap.