Iggy Azalea Set The Record Straight About Her Viral Sway Freestyle While Admitting That It Was Indeed ‘Trash’

(Photo credit: Reuters)

Iggy Azalea, who recently reneged on her retirement plans, has become one of rap’s more active Twitter personalities,  calling out haters for body-shaming her one day and shooting down false rumors the next. However, she doesn’t take herself so seriously that she can’t have a laugh at some of her legitimate stumbles — all she asks for is a little accuracy in the memes taking aim at them.

Earlier this week, a hip-hop fan page resurfaced a meme about Iggy’s infamous 2013 Sway In The Morning freestyle, which still gets her ridiculed online from time to time. At the time, Iggy was under fire for accusations of cultural appropriation — remember when that was a thing? — due to her Southern American rap accent clashing with her Australian origins, but she also made some missteps when she went to perform her rhymes in live venues. The result was a plethora of memes making fun of her being “unable” to rap, including the video posted on Twitter.



“Never forget when John from Tennessee violated Iggy Azalea’s freestyle,” read the caption, as the video inserts a caller’s blunt review: “That sh*t was trash!” yells “John from Tennessee.” “Get the f*ck off the airwaves!” However, Iggy saw the tweet and had some thoughts of her own. While she admitted that the lackluster freestyle was indeed “trash,” she reminded the original poster (and anyone following) that the video itself is edited, noting, “John from Tennessee has never called me.” So, where did the call come from? “The call was to Lil Debbie if anyone’s curious about who John called or where this originated,” she informed. So, the case appears to be “right sentiment, wrong white girl.”

Lil Debbie herself chimed in, apparently unhappy that Iggy added that tidbit to reiterate the caller’s point: “Yea he called in for me but you’re right he could’ve called in for that verse you spit,” she sniped. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t seem like either of them is dwelling on the call; while Iggy said it doesn’t bother her because “it never happened,” both women have continued with their careers and seem to be doing alright with the fanbases that they have cultivated, even if their viral hit days appear to be (mostly) behind them.