Did a “Karen” Intentionally Ruin a Neighbor’s Outdoor Wedding by Loudly Running Her Weed Eater?

Outdoor weddings can be difficult to pull off, thanks to Mother Nature, and sometimes, Neighborhood “Karens.”  A couple is going viral on TikTok, after people posted footage from their outdoor wedding ceremony in Canada earlier this month.

Throughout the clip, you can hear the sound of someone mowing their lawn, and they even show the woman at the end of the clip.  She’s across the street loudly and awkwardly “mowing” a portion of her lawn with a weed eater.

The person who posted the clip said she did it on purpose.  She said there wasn’t any known beef ahead of time, but when they approached her and asked her to wait for a bit, she “was not kind” and yelled at them.

Most of the comments on the video slammed the woman, saying that it was unnecessary and inconsiderate, and that she deserved some retribution.

But others defended her, saying that she was on her own property, and that she didn’t agree to hosting a wedding in the neighborhood, so it’s just something you have to deal with when you don’t book your own venue.  (Still, you’d think she could just wait an hour.)



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