Dictionary.com Added More Than 300 Words, Including Zaddy, Oof, and Y’all

Dictionary.com just announced a huge update with more than 300 new words and revisions of old words.  The additions include:  Newsworthy things, like “5G“, “long COVID“, and “domestic terrorism.”

Cultural things like:  “Deplatform“, “minoritize“, “side hustle“, and “y’all,” which somehow wasn’t already on Dictionary.com.

Internet lingo like:  “Trigger warning,” abbreviated to “TW”, “content warning,” abbreviated to “CW”, and “DEI,” meaning “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

And just silly stuff like:  “Oof“, “silver fox“, “yeet“, “zaddy,” which is an attractive man who’s also stylish, charming, and self-confident, and “snack,” as in a sexy person.

They also formalized some profane words:  “[S-word]show”, which got an honorable mention for the People’s Choice 2020 Word of the Year, and “a**hat.”


(NY Post / PR Newswire)