It’s National Margarita Day – Here Are the States That Love Margaritas the Most and Least

Today is National Margarita Day, because why WOULDN’T a random Monday in mid-February be National Margarita Day?

In honor of the holiday, a new study ranked all 50 states by their love of margaritas based on Google search trends.

The five states that love margaritas the most are:  New Hampshire, Maine, Colorado, Missouri, and Tennessee.

And the five states that love them the least are:  Utah, North Dakota, Montana, Michigan, and South Dakota.

Also, another survey found 15% of people say they only drink margaritas on vacation, 5% always get really bad hangovers from the mix of sugar and tequila, and 3% judge people who order frozen margaritas.

(Here’s a map with the rankings for every state.)


(Zippia / National Today)