Update on Olympic Medals

We won two more medals in Sochi yesterday.  But overall, it was a somewhat disappointing day for the U.S.


The women's hockey team played Canada for the gold medal, and we were up two goals in the third period.


But then Canada scored with about three minutes left, we BARELY missed an open netter when they pulled their goalie, and they scored again with 55 seconds left.  Then they scored on a power play in overtime to win 3-2.


(Check out some funny videos of people in Canada reacting to the win here.)


We still won silver, but the U.S. players were OBVIOUSLY disappointed, and there was A LOT of crying afterward.


Also, this is the first time U.S. figure skaters haven't medal in men's OR women's singles since 1936..  None of the men took home a medal last week.  And yesterday, Gracie Gold finished 4th, Ashley Wagner got 7th, and Polina Edmunds got 9th.


But we weren't TOTALLY shut out in figure skating, because we did manage to win bronze in the TEAM event this year, and also won gold in Ice Dancing.  Both Gracie and Ashley were part of that Team Bronze.  Polina goes home empty-handed.


The one bright spot yesterday was in the ladies' ski halfpipe, where American Maddie Bowman won the gold by a pretty solid margin.  And we're also still leading in overall medals.


At the end of Thursday's competition, the U.S. had 8 gold, 6 silver, and11 bronze.  Here's how we rank in overall medals.


Thursday Standings:


1.  The United States with 25 medals


2.  Russia with 23 medals


3.  The Netherlands with 22 medals


4.  Norway with 21 medals


5.  Canada with 20 medals


In the gold medal rankings, Norway now leads with 10, while we have eight, and so does Germany.