A Cop Who Caught His Wife Having Sex With His Dad Has Been Suspended For Four Years

Just in time for Father's Day, here's a story that proves no matter HOW bad your relationship is with your dad . . . it's not THIS bad.


33-year-old TJ Brewer is a sheriff's deputy in Moab, Utah.  And last July, he caught his WIFE having sex with his FATHER in his SON'S bed.  Yikes.


TJ pistol whipped his dad . . . then his dad grabbed a knife and stabbed himself.  He was hospitalized but survived.  TJ went to the hospital to keep fighting with him . . . and ended up getting into a fight with some fellow cops who held him back.


All things considered, the legal consequences didn't turn out that bad for TJ.  He just got 24 months of probation . . . and was suspended from the force for four years.


There's no word on whether he and his wife have gotten divorced or if he's spoken to his father since this all went down.  


(FOX 13 - Salt Lake City / Daily Mail



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