A Woman Catfishes Her Niece . . . and Finds the Niece Wants Her Killed

A woman in Fosters, Alabama has been taking care of her 19-year-old niece, Marissa Williams . . . and she felt like Marissa was getting too RISKY on Facebook.  Marissa would meet strange guys on Facebook and invite them over.



So back in April, her aunt created a fake profile for a guy named Tre "Topdog" Ellis and added Marissa as a friend.  She thought that if she CATFISHED Marissa, she could actually talk to her and get some insight into her life.



And she got it.  On the first day Marissa talked to 'Tre,' she gave him her address and asked him to come over to get drunk . . . then offered to have SEX with him if he paid her $50 cell phone bill.  And that was TAME compared to what came next.



A few days later, Marissa asked Tre if he'd come over, kidnap her . . . and MURDER her aunt.  She gave him details of how to get into her aunt's bedroom . . . and also asked him to kill her aunt's fiancé, her cousin, and the family dog.



The aunt went to the police, and Marissa was arrested for solicitation of murder.  She told the cops she DID send the messages but didn't really want anyone to get killed. 




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