A Guy Almost Loses His Leg When the Ambulance Driver Stops to Pick Up Hitchhikers

60-year-old Glenn Buscombe of Cornwall, England started feeling a massive pain in his right leg back on April 6th.  He called for an ambulance, and the paramedic rushed him to the hospital with a severe blood clot.



Well . . . sort of.  The paramedic WAS rushing . . . until he saw two hitchhikers on the side of the road and decided to pick them up.



Glenn says he couldn't believe it . . . especially since his toes were starting to turn black.  And then, he was even MORE surprised when the paramedic made another stop to drop the hitchhikers OFF . . . even though it wasn't on the way to the hospital.



Fortunately for Glenn, doctors were able to get him on blood thinners JUST before his leg had to be amputated . . . and performed emergency surgery on him to fix a blocked artery.



Glenn filed a complaint three days later . . . but it took until NOW for the ambulance company to start investigating the driver. 



(Daily Mail)

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