A Quarter of Us Are Friends with Someone's Pet on Facebook

Chances are you have at least one friend who talks about their pet like it's their kid.  Unfortunately, a lot of us are ENCOURAGING that type of behavior.



According to a new survey on pets and technology, 17% of pet owners have created an account for their pet on places like Facebook and Twitter.  Even worse . . . 25% of us are FRIENDS with someone's pet online.



Ironically, about 10% of pet owners say their cat or dog has DESTROYED a piece of technology . . . which sounds low.



19% claim their pet has destroyed something because it was ANGRY at them . . . 25% say they were USING the device at the time, and maybe the pet was jealous . . . and power cords are the most common piece of technology pets like to mess with.



The survey also found that male dogs are 86% more likely to destroy a phone or computer than female dogs.  And 18% of cat and dog owners have VIDEO CHATTED with their pet while they were away from home. 



(PR Newswire)

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