A Guy Gets a DUI For Riding a Motorized Beer Cooler

You don't have to be driving a car or truck to get a DUI . . . we've heard of people getting DUIs on bikes, horses, riding mowers, golf carts, and Segways.  And now, we've got something new to add to that list.



A 22-year-old guy in Perth, Australia was arrested around 8:00 P.M. on Friday night for driving drunk . . . on a motorized BEER COOLER.



This guy had a regular cooler that sits on top of a frame with four wheels and a little motor . . . and he was driving it in the street.



Since there was beer in the cooler, we're thinking it was pretty easy for the cops to piece together that the guy had drank some of it before he hopped on the scooter for a ride.



He's apparently the third person in Australia to get arrested for drunk driving on a beer cooler in the past few years. 



(The Telegraph

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