A Guy Wants to Get Out of His Burger King Shift Early . . . So His Brother Calls in a Bomb Threat

A guy working at a Burger King in Norwich, England back on March 6th wanted to get out of work early.  So he called his brother, 18-year-old Luke Brown, and asked him to figure out how to get him out.



And Luke's brilliant plan was . . . calling in a BOMB threat.



The Burger King is in a mall, so the police evacuated the entire mall and swept it for bombs.  When they couldn't find one, they started investigating the bomb threat . . . and even though Luke made it from a pay phone, the cops traced it to him.



He was arrested . . . and last week he was sentenced to six months in a juvenile detention center.



In his defense, since the mall was evacuated that day, he DID accomplish his goal of getting his brother out of work early. 



(Eastern Daily Press