A Woman Caught a Subway Worker Drying Their Socks in the Bread Oven . . . So Subway Offered Her a Job and Two Free Sandwiches

There's a 25-year-old named Alice Sykes who works at a Subway in Worcester, England.  And earlier this month, her socks got wet in a flood on the way to work . . . so she put them in the BREAD OVEN to dry off.

And she might've gotten away with it . . . but she decided to put a PHOTO of it on Instagram AND Twitter.

29-year-old Jessica Hinton is a regular customer at that Subway, and when she saw the photo, she went in to report it to the manager.

And he tried to make amends with her . . . by offering her two free sandwiches and a JOB on Sundays.

But Jessica has a job, doesn't need extra work at Subway, and said she wouldn't be coming back.  Alice tried to apologize on Facebook, saying she'd gotten wet in a flood on the way to work . . . so she AND the manager came up with the oven idea.

And actually, Alice still has her job . . . for now.  Subway's corporate office is investigating. 

(Gawker / Daily Mail