A Woman Thinks She's Giving Birth to Identical Triplets, But...

Last week, 42-year-old Kimberly Fugate of Jayess, Mississippi went into labor, and was gearing up to give birth to TRIPLETS.

At least she THOUGHT she was giving birth to triplets.  Turns out there was a FOURTH BABY hiding in there, that somehow had been missed on ALL of her ultrasounds.

So, as her doctor performed the C-section and delivered the first three babies, he noticed, quote, "More feet."  And that's when he delivered the fourth baby.

There's more.  Turns out all four were girls and are IDENTICAL QUADRUPLETS.

Kimberly hadn't done any fertility treatments, which make multiple births more likely.  The odds of naturally having quadruplets are one in 729,000.  The odds of naturally having IDENTICAL quadruplets are one in 13 MILLION.

The babies were born 13 weeks premature.  All four are in the neonatal ICU and will probably be there for a few more months, but all four are doing well.

Their names, in order of least-weird to most-weird, are Kristen, Kelsey, Kaleigh, and Kenleigh.  We're assuming Kenleigh was the unexpected late addition. 

(ABC News / Jackson Clarion Ledger)