A Woman Spends a Night in Jail For Keeping a Rented VHS Tape For Nine Years

Back in 2005, when Kayla Finley of Pickens, South Carolina was 18, she rented a VHS copy of "Monster-in-Law" from a video store called Dalton Videos.  Now, nine years later, Kayla is 27. . . and STILL has that VHS of "Monster-in-Law"
If you've been lucky enough to block "Monster-in-Law" out of your memory, it was a "comedy" with JENNIFER LOPEZ and JANE FONDA.


Dalton Videos has gone out of business, like almost all video stores, but while it was still around, the owner wanted JUSTICE.  When Kayla never returned his movie, he reported her to the cops, and they issued an ARREST WARRANT for her.

She's ignored all of their letters telling her to turn herself in for the past nine years, so finally, last Thursday, they arrested her for one misdemeanor charge of failure to return a rented video cassette.

 She spent the night in jail and was released on Friday morning. 

 (Huffington Post / NBC 4 - Greenville / Hollywood Reporter)  

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