A Man Is Too Lazy to Walk His Dog, and He's Photographed Dangling It Off His Balcony By Its Leash

Remember when MICHAEL JACKSON dangled his kid off the balcony and you were sort of outraged but not really?  You're about to be MORE outraged about someone doing that to a dog.  What does that say about you?


Last week, in Greenville, South Carolina, someone spotted a DOG hanging off a second-story balcony by its leash.  The leash was attached to a harness, not a collar on the dog's neck, so he wasn't choking, but it still looks heartbreaking.


The person submitted the photo to the cops, and put it on Facebook where it circulated around. You can check it out here.


The cops went to the condo and found the person who'd dangled the dog off the balcony was 23-year-old Tyler Smith.  He was watching his dad's dog and was apparently TOO LAZY to walk the dog so he could pee.  So he dangled him instead.


His dad told reporters he was,  "appalled by his son's actions." 


Tyler was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.  Fortunately, the dog was okay.


(ABC 13 - Asheville / Gawker