There Was a Bomb Threat at Harvard on Monday, By a Student Who Didn't Want to Take a Final

On Monday, someone emailed a bomb threat to HARVARD right in the middle of finals.  The easy joke there is that it was probably a kid who didn't want to take an exam.  And that turned out to be EXACTLY what it was.


Just a half hour before his final exam for a class called the Politics of American Education, a 20-year-old sophomore named Eldo Kim sent an email claiming there were two shrapnel bombs on campus.


He gave four possible locations, one of which was the building where his final was scheduled.  The FBI descended on the school and the buildings were quickly evacuated, but they didn't find any bombs.


Eldo used some advanced hacker tricks to try to hide the source of the email, just like you'd expect from a Harvard student.  But it didn't really work; the FBI tracked him down, arrested him later that night, and he confessed.


Now he's facing up to five years in prison.  On the plus side, his final DID get postponed thanks to the bomb threat.  So he'll be going to prison with an "Incomplete" in that class instead of a D or an F.  Mission accomplished. 


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