A Man in Florida Tries to Trade a Live Alligator For a 12-Pack of Beer

The word "Florida" isn't really an adjective, but we feel like we can use it as one, because this is about as FLORIDA as a story can get. 


Last week in Miami, 64-year-old Fernando Aguilera walked into a convenience store and tried to trade a LIVE ALLIGATOR for beer. 


Fernando had caught the four-foot gator at a park nearby, and he asked if the clerk would give him a 12-pack of beer for it.  But the clerk called the cops instead.


Fernando was cited for illegal possession of an alligator, and he could get up to six months in jail and a $500 fine. 


The gator was released back into the wild.  There's no word what kind of beer Fernando wanted. 


(NBC 6 - Miami / CNN)