Mugshot of the Day: A Guy Dressed as Buddy the Elf Is Arrested For Drunk Driving

If you were going to be dressed as a WILL FERRELL character when you got busted for a DUI, this has to be the last one you’d pick.  Ron Burgundy, Frank the Tank, even a "Night at the Roxbury" guy makes more sense.


Around 3:00 A.M. on Sunday, 34-year-old Brandon Touchet of Lafayette, Louisiana was busted for drunk driving while dressed as . . . Buddy the Elf from "Elf".


The cops saw Brandon speeding so they pulled him over, and he smelled like alcohol.  He blew a .124 on the Breathalyzer.


He was charged with a DUI and driving at an excessive speed.  Check out the mugshot here.


(The Smoking Gun)