An Unemployed Man Went on a $185,000 Crime Spree, So He Could Keep Feeding 120 Stray Cats

There are cat people and dog people, and then there are just straight-up IDIOTS like this guy.


48-year-old Mamoru Demizu lives in Japan, and he's been unemployed since 2011.  Which is a big problem, because he has A LOT of mouths to feed.


For the past several years, he's been keeping 20 stray cats as pets, while also riding his scooter all over town to feed about a HUNDRED MORE STRAYS in his neighborhood.  And he even rented out a WAREHOUSE to keep some of them in, but doing it cost him around $250 a DAY, partly because he insisted on feeding them GOURMET cat food.


Now, obviously he couldn't just STOP feeding them.  That would be CRAZY.  So instead, he started breaking into houses and STEALING stuff to pay for more food.


Police recently tracked down Mamoru and arrested him.  Since last September, they say he's stolen at least $185,000 in cash and jewelry.  There's no word on what'll happen to all the cats.


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