A Gas Station Employee Foils a Robbery by Telling the Guy "No"

This is NOT a recommendation to go out robbing gas stations, but apparently, if you rob a Speedway gas station, the employees there are required to give you money without putting up any resistance.


Earlier this week, a woman named Betty Green was working at a Speedway gas station in Lexington, Kentucky.  A guy came in, bought some beer, then handed Betty a note demanding money.  And he lifted up his shirt to show her his gun.


But she instinctively responded, "NO."  So he laughed, grabbed his beer, and left.  Betty had foiled his robbery JUST by saying "No."  So she's a hero, right?


Wrong.  She just got FIRED.


Turns out Speedway has a corporate policy that REQUIRES employees to handle robberies by giving up the money and hitting the panic button.  By violating that, she lost her job.


She said she didn't know about that policy.  Meanwhile, the police believe they have a suspect in the attempted robbery.


(NBC 18 - Lexington)