Two Stupid Tips From a Professional Photographer to Look More Photogenic

Now that we're all being photographed all the time, and tagged on Facebook whether we like it or not, we're guessing you'd prefer to look more like a model in those photos, right?  Especially if it didn't take any actual work.

Well, a professional photographer named Peter Hurley says he has a couple tricks that can make you instantly look more photogenic every time . . .

1.  The first is, SQUINT.  Just a little bit, with a small, closed-lip smile.  Basically, you want to make the face you'd make if you knew a secret and it was making you a little cocky. 

But you don't want to squint all the way, Gilbert Gottfried style.  That's obviously not attractive.  It's more like a "knowing" smile, with your eyes just a little bit squinted instead of wide open, and a lot of confidence. 

Hurley actually calls it "squinching," because it's sort of different than squinting, you're lifting and tightening your lower eyelid, and only letting the top eyelid come down a little.  Seriously, that's what he says.  But you know you'll try it.

2.  His other tip is to stick your entire head forward a little bit, try sticking your forehead toward the camera and keeping your chin out.  That prevents any double chin and gives you a good jawline.

Here are some photos of people demonstrating the difference between squinting and not squinting.




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