Scientists Have Finally Figured Out How to Avoid 'Splash Back' When You Use a Urinal

Attention all guys:  Scientists have finally figured out how to avoid 'SPLASH BACK' when you use a urinal.


Two physicists at BYU used high-speed cameras to record footage of simulated urine streams, and they found that the main reason for splash back is the way streams of liquid turn into droplets while they're falling.


When droplets hit water one after another, they cause more splashing, and make it unpredictable.  But if you stand close enough, the stream doesn't have time to turn into droplets.


Here are the four things they say you need to do to avoid splash back:


1.  Stand closer to the urinal, about six inches away from it.


2.  Never aim at the water, if there is any, or if you're using a bowl.


3.  Try to hit a vertical surface rather than a horizontal one.  So aim for the back wall of the urinal, not the bottom of it.


4.  Make your stream hits at an angle, by either aiming downward or off to one side.


And the best way to avoid splash back for women is to put some toilet paper in the water to soften the impact.


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