A Guy Passes Out on a Bench, And Wakes Up in the Morgue?

I don't care how bad your last hangover was, this guy's got you beat.


A 56-year-old man in Poland named Marek Michalski recently went on a drinking binge, and passed out on a bench.  Which is where someone found him and called paramedics.


And when they got there, they checked his pulse and decided he was DEAD.  Luckily, they ended up being WRONG about that, but realized it just a TAD too late.


Because several hours later, Marek woke up hung over in complete darkness, FREAKED OUT, and started screaming for help.  But no one heard him, because he was in the MORGUE in a BODY BAG.


He eventually managed to get out.  But in the process, he fell off the table he was on and crashed down onto the floor.  Now he's suing the hospital, and says he's having NIGHTMARES about doctors doing an autopsy while he's still alive.


But hospital administrators are DEFENDING the decision to put him in the morgue, and say that the staff was just following protocol, because they honestly believed Marek was dead.