A Woman Doesn't Want to Explain Her Neighbors' Loud Sex to Her Kids . . . So She Tells Them the Man Is Beating the Woman?

This is a perfect summary of America's fear of sex and love of violence.  We'd rather our kids grow up in a country of Puritan sexless violence, than a country of peaceful promiscuity.

We don't have a ton of details here . . . just a note that one anonymous woman left her neighbor . . . but it's definitely still worth sharing.

Sometime last week, the woman and her kids were watching TV when they heard the guy in the apartment below them having, quote, "rough sex with [his] extremely loud girlfriend."

It was so loud that the woman's kids asked her what was going on.  And the woman was so hesitant to tell them it was sex, that she decided to tell them the guy was PHYSICALLY ABUSING the woman.

Then she left the guy a note, saying, quote, "Instead of telling them what you were really doing I simply said you were beating her.

"It was a great opportunity to explain what domestic violence is . . . you should know that you have been labeled a woman beater."  (???)