A Guy Wrecks His Motorcycle, Then Police Show Up and Realize He'd Just Robbed a Store

Police in Bonita Springs, Florida were called to the scene of a motorcycle crash on Thursday.  And when they got there, they found a 36-year-old guy named Damon Miljour with a SERIOUSLY scraped-up face.


So an ambulance took him to the hospital.  Then the cops noticed an odd amount of watches, sunglasses, and other things scattered across the road.  And they all had tags on them from a store called Mango Bay Surf Shop.


So they sent an officer to check the place out, and realized it had just been ROBBED.  According to police, Damon had taken about $10,000 worth of stuff.  Then he tried to make a getaway, but crashed about three miles down the road.


He was charged with burglary and grand theft.  And it turned out the crash happened because he was DRUNK, so he also got a DUI.  His mugshot is online, and his face ALSO received quite a bit of punishment in the crash.