Boston University Students Want to Dump Robin Thicke for Being "Sexist", Chris Brown Has Been Sued, and More

1.  A student group at Boston University is trying to get an upcoming concert by ROBIN THICKE canceled, because of his "misogynist music."


They've launched a petition, and over 1,500 people have signed it.  But school officials say it's unlikely that the concert will be shut down, because B.U. isn't behind the event, it's merely being held at their arena.


(Here's a video report on the story.)


2.  Back in October, CHRIS BROWN was arrested for allegedly punching a guy, who tried to photobomb him.  Chris allegedly said, "I'm not into this gay [crap].  I'm into boxing", and popped the guy in the face, breaking his nose.


Well, now that guy, Parker Adams, has sued Chris.  He's seeking $2.5 MILLION in damages.  The criminal case is still ongoing, with Chris facing a misdemeanor assault charge.


3.  50 CENT has left EMINEM'S Shady Records for the indie label Caroline.  They'll release his new album, "Animal Ambition" on June 3rd.


For what it's worth, there doesn't seem to be bad blood between 50 and Eminem.  They both released statements thanking each other, and wishing each other well.


4.  Whether it's the latest movie, TV show, book or video game, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to avoid spoilers these days.


So, someone from "Entertainment Weekly" has put together a list of RULES we should all be using to protect those who don't consume media as quickly as we do from having the experience RUINED.  (You can read through them all, here.)


5.  PHARRELL WILLIAMS is auctioning off his GIANT GRAMMY HAT on eBay.  As of late last night, there were 64 bids, and the price was up to $10,500.


The money is going to a charity called From One Hand to Another.  Their mission is to, "[Give kids] the tools and resources to meet their unique potential and empower them to nurture curiosity by learning through new technologies, arts, media and motivation!"