Is Miley Cyrus Being a Bad Influence On Her Dad?

BILLY RAY CYRUS says he was on the fence about recording "Achy Breaky Two" with rapper BUCK 22.  What pushed him over was when he got sage advice from a critical thinking, well-respected peer. 

Just kidding, it was his daughter.  He says, quote, "MILEY said to me, 'If the world says go left, go right.'  And I looked at her and I said, 'You know what?  I'm going to take your advice on that.'

"It reminds me of the reason why I bought a guitar and started a band.  I'm a singer/songwriter and I got some music to make.  There's no rules, no limits.  I'm just a dude that loves to make music."

Another reason was because he thought the project was going to be fun.  Quote, "Hey, sometimes you've gotta do things just for the fun of it!  And sometimes it's not that you gotta do it, it just happens.

"Buck 22 started working on this new remix and it just kinda evolved into one of those things that was fun."