Aretha Franklin's Getting No Respect at Johnny Rockets

Last week, Aretha Franklin hit up a Johnny Rockets in the Niagara Falls area after a gig. And she almost engaged in fisticuffs with one of the employees. Here's what happened:

Aretha ordered a meal TO GO, but apparently, she was too hungry to wait, and once she got her food, she sat down at one of the tables inside to eat it.

A server scolded Aretha for doing that, telling her she wasn't allowed to eat takeout inside.  Aretha says the worker was, "very rude, unprofessional and nasty."  She stormed out without finishing her meal.

The owner of that Johnny Rockets says he's sorry, and called the worker a, "new and very young employee."  Apparently, the employee won't be fired, but was reminded about the "takeout policies."

Aretha is moving on.  She says, "Over the years I have always enjoyed a burger and cherry Coke.  This experience will not stop my enjoyment of burgers and cherry Cokes, and talking to the classy and friendly people at Johnny Rockets."


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