A Man Is Suing a Woman Who Impersonates Pink For Not Looking or Sounding Like Her

Charles Bonfante is a lawyer in Long Island, New York who once drummed for MICHAEL BOLTON on a tour.  And apparently Charles and a friend named Rik Nevone wanted to start a Pink cover band this year.



Rik wanted to hire a 40-year-old singer named Collette McLafferty, but Charles was against it . . . he thought Collette didn't look the part, and wasn't a very good singer.  (The picture on this article is Pink, and not Collette.) But Rik went ahead and hired Collette for a gig anyway.



Now, Charles is SUING Rik and Collette for ruining his Pink cover band plan.  He's seeking $10 million.



Collette says she's shocked . . . especially since she was just paid $75 for the gig and forgot about it.  Quote, "I get to fight this for the next two years, according to my lawyer.  I'm going to be broke, and he's going to have a hobby."



The "New York Post" reached out to the real Pink to get her thoughts . . . her people declined to comment. 



(New York Post

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