Will Marijuana Kill Miley Cyrus?

This sounds far-fetched, but you never know. The "National Enquirer" says MILEY CYRUS could DIE from smoking pot. Here's why:

In her book 
"Miles to Go", Miley admitted to having a heart condition called tachycardia, which is an elevated heart rate.  She said,  "The type of tachycardia I have isn't dangerous.  It won't hurt me, but it does bother me."  She added, "There is never a time on-stage when I'm not thinking about my heart."

But it might not be as harmless as she claims.  A source says, "Her doctors have told her to stay away from stimulants like caffeine, alcohol and weed, but she still insists on smoking and drinking tons of coffee, even though it affects her heart rate."

The source adds, "Miley knows she probably shouldn't be smoking, but she loves getting high.  Besides that, most of her friends smoke too, and she's not prepared to give it up even if it sends her heart racing."