Google's Most Searched People, Movies, TV Shows and More

Google just released their lists of the most popular searches for 2013.  MILEY CYRUS was the most searched person of the year.  Here's the Top 10:



1.  Miley Cyrus

2.  Drake

3.  Kim Kardashian

4.  Justin Bieber

5.  Beyoncé

6.  Rihanna

7.  Taylor Swift

8.  Selena Gomez

9.  Katy Perry

10.  Kanye West


Here are more highlights from Google's year-end results:


Most searched breakup:  Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Most searched death:  Paul Walker, followed by Nelson Mandela

Most searched wedding:  Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha

Most searched celebrity pregnancy:  Kim Kardashian

Most searched movie:  "Man of Steel"

Most searched TV show:  "Breaking Bad"

Most searched athlete:  Accused murderer Aaron Hernandez

Most searched concert:  Thirty Seconds to Mars 

Most searched song lyrics:  "Thrift Shop"

Most searched song:  "The Harlem Shake"


(Check out the full list for each category, plus tons more year-end results, at Google.)