Kanye West May Be an Arrogant Jackass, But He's Doing it For Us

Guys, we all owe KANYE WEST a HUGE apology.  Yes, he's an arrogant jackass, but he's an arrogant jackass for US.


During a gig in Anaheim, California over the weekend he explained, "One of the media's main things that they'd like you to think is that the reason why I fight so much is just so I can, like, be doper or some [crap] . . .


"I don't give a [flip] about looking cool.  I don't give a [flip] about being dope.  I was dope since age mother[effin'] five . . .


"But they try to make it seem like my whole purpose . . . is about me.  But . . . what they don't realize, and what I think you all realize is, everything I do is actually about you."  (Here's video.)