Chris Brown's Felony Assault Charge Was Reduced to a Misdemeanor

CHRIS BROWN got some good news in court yesterday morning.  A judge reduced his felony assault charge to a misdemeanor, then set him free after he pleaded not guilty.  He's been ordered to return for a hearing on November 25th.


Chris and his bodyguard were arrested in Washington, D.C. early Sunday morning for allegedly punching a man who tried to jump into a photo with Chris.  The bodyguard's charge was reduced as well.


Chris Brown's mother and rapper TREY SONGZ showed up to support Chris, and there were protesters outside the courthouse with signs saying stuff like "Free Chris" and "Leave Chris Brown Alone".  (Here are some pics.)


Don't forget though, Chris is still on probation for assaulting RIHANNA in 2009.  Authorities in Los Angeles are in the process of deciding whether this arrest constitutes a violation. 


If they decide it does, Chris could wind up behind bars for up to FOUR YEARS.

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