Did Anne Hathaway Annoy the Crap Out of Matthew McConaughey While They Were Filming "Interstellar"?

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and ANNE HATHAWAY are co-starring in the upcoming movie "Interstellar", which is a sci-fi flick about a group of scientists who travel through a wormhole into another dimension.



Matthew and Anne play LOVERS in the movie . . . but rumor has it, Anne annoyed the crap out of Matthew on the set.



A so-called source says, quote, "They were like oil and water . . . Anne drove Matthew crazy by constantly asking directorChristopher Nolan questions about space travel and life on other planets.



"One day, Matt got so fed up that he screamed at her, 'We don't have to be real scientists to play these parts, Anne!'"  (That's actually pretty hilarious, if you sort of imagine in your head that this actually happened.)



The "source" adds, quote, "[Matthew] often referred to [Anne] as 'nerd girl,' and 'Little Alien Annie' behind her back.  He also had his body double shoot his scenes with her whenever possible."