Is This the Official Title for the New "Star Wars" Movie?

Will the full title of the seventh "Star Wars" movie have a COOL sounding name like "The Empire Strikes Back" . . . or a lame title like "Attack of the Clones"?



There's no official word yet . . . but rumor has it the title will be "Star Wars:  Episode 7 - The Order of the Jedi".  Supposedly, this was accidentally Tweeted out by someone involved in the production.



This mystery mole also Tweeted that Luke Skywalker will be an Obi Wan Kenobi-like mentor figure . . . Princess Leia and Han Solo will be high ranking officials of the New Republic . . . and the bad guy will not be a Sith Lord."



The account has since been deleted . . . so who knows if any of this is true.