10 of the Worst Things TV Did This Year

1.  Fox's show "Dads", which is a "waste of good comic actors."


2.  The "Dexter" finale, which "went all-in on implausibility and cheated any kind of real closure."


3.  Fox's "The Following", which is a "increasingly far-fetched example of the growing TV cliché of the evil, nihilist mastermind."


4.  Netflix's "Hemlock Grove", a "goofy, laughable horror serial."


5.  AMC's "Low Winter Sun", Showtime's "Ray Donovan", and general "Anti-hero Overload."


6.  NBC's "Ready for Love", which was "'The Bachelor' meets 'Millionaire Matchmaker' meets the slow demise of your faith in humanity."


7.  Lara Logan's botched "60 Minutes" Benghazi report.


8.  The celebrity diving show, "Splash".


9.  "The View" and Katie Couric's "vaccine fumbles."  The "View" hired Jenny McCarthy, an anti-vaccine crusader, and Katie gave "undue legitimacy to critics of the HPV vaccine . . . but later corrected it in a blog post."


10.  ABC's "Zero Hour", which "Time" says "might actually have been one of the best shows of the year, if it were a 90-second parody trailer."


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